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Barndo-Friendly Lenders

I get asked all the time, "Who does construction loans for barndominiums?" and honestly, until now I haven't had great answers.

Now that I've gotten to know some other barndo-building people, I have some answers!

***All of these lenders were recommended by

people who have actually built or are

currently building barndominiums.***

Lenders are listed in no particular order, and all lenders are linked. Id hate to send you to the wrong site, so I checked with the people who recommended them to make sure these are the right pages.

I will happily update this list when I become aware of other lenders.

Please let me know how these lenders do if you decide to reach out to them!

A big THANK YOU to Emily & Paul, Jessica, Holly, Liv, Jessica & Alfredo, and Patti for helping me with this list.



I have not personally used the products or services of any entity listed above. My intent is to provide prospective borrowers with a list of lenders to contact, and nothing more. Performing all aspects of due diligence is incumbent upon the prospective borrower.

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