Lesa's Barndominium

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The Basics

3 Bed/2 Bath

1,800 sqft house

2,800 sqft total building size

9’ ceilings, 10’ 6” ceiling at vaulted ceiling peak


10 months to build

From the owner:

"We live on a 48 acre small cattle farm in New Bloomfield, MO.   30 years ago we built what we thought was our forever home. House was 4500 square feet with a 7 acre yard.  After we became empty nested we decided to downsize as our children didn’t want the big home. 

We have always talked about building more of a barn type home and when I discovered the barndominium website I was sold.  I drew the house plans and we had an architect help with the sizes of the rooms and pitch of the roof. We have several Mennonite families that live in the Versailles MO area that own and operate the metal siding companies and build these type homes.  They all do fantastic work and bring a huge crew and we’re able to get our home under roof with doors and windows and rooms framed up on the inside in 6 days!  

We didn’t have a budget but wanted to keep costs to a minimum. We did splurge on a few items and ended up spending $210,000. It ran about $75 a sqft to build. House appraised out at $282,000! "

The build took about 10 months and that was with my husband and I finishing off the majority of the inside.

Things we handled ourselves: