Metal Buildings- Don't compare apples & oranges, use this cheat sheet to get apples-to-apples quotes

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

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This is how salesmen priced my building

"so, what are you looking for?"

"ooooh yeah ma'am, well that's a big building, that’ll be pretty expensive."

"do you know how you're going to put this building up, because we don't do that."

"what pitch are you going for, you know, like how high do you want the angle?"

"ooooh yeah that's going to be significantly more, we usually do 1:12"

"oh, so this is going to be a house? well yeah that's special so I'm going to have to send you over to this guy..."

From there it would be a week of going back and forth and by the end of it I'd have 3 quotes for 3 completely different buildings. It was horribly stressful and disappointing doing this dance, week in, and week out.

Getting accurate side by side quotes is difficult for a few reasons

1) Most companies have a certain thing they like to sell, so they will steer you in that direction every time you call, no matter what you tell them you're looking for.

2) You, the buyer, often don’t know exactly what you want, so you accept quotes from guys “in the business” who slide in items that they would want in their building.

3) You, the buyer, get jumbled up when asked questions about what to include… ordering metal buildings probably isn’t your life's work, so you answer with what sounds good at that moment.

4) There are a ton of options in metal buildings, so changing things here or there between quotes can seriously impact the bottom line.

5) Even if you’re extremely clear, you’re dealing with other human beings, and sometimes they don’t include or exclude the things you specifically talked about.