Our $24,000.00 heartache, and how you can avoid it in your build.

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Have you ever just happened upon a pile of money?...No? Well, me neither; however, I do know how it feels to see a pile of money disappear into thin air.

We expected our building shell to majorly absorb our budget. We talked it over, and over, and over, and became comfortable with the numbers in front of us. I'm a cheapskate, so it took me a good while to get there, but until just a few days ago, I was happy.


Our building needs to be 3 feet taller, and it’ll cost us $24,000.00 to get it there.

After getting that news, I looked a little like this...

You may be wondering how a 20 foot tall sidewall isn't enough to accommodate a 2-story home. I'll explain...

Focus on the area circled in red, that's the thing I totally missed.

Our wall girts are 20 feet tall, our purlins take up 3 feet of our sidewall height. All along I accounted fo