Designed with many purposes in mind, Alicia's Schoolhouse provides something for everyone in the family. 

Upon entry you'll find a large living room, followed by dining space for 10, and a wide open kitchen. The right wing of the home is for the grown-ups; it features the master and mother-in-law suites. On the contrary, the other side of the house is dedicated to the kids. This floorplan grants a 160+ square foot classroom, 200+ square feet of playroom, three 160+ square foot bedrooms, and above all of it, an 800 square foot loft overlooking the open living area. 

Alicia's Schoolhouse


    This PDF includes a color floor plan of the home in its entirety, and multiple pages of detailed breakdowns, including every room in the plan, down to the measurments of windows and doors. 



    This floorplan and details provided in the PDF are intended to provide a baseline for your barndominium's concept. By providing a clear design that refects exactly what you're looking for, you're likely to save both time and money when working with an architect or engineer. These floor plans are not designed for use as building blueprints, and are not stamped by an engineer.