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Our Barndo's Exterior- I refuse to live in a boring building

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I'm on a lot of barndominium forums, and it seems to me, the number one issue people have with this home-style, is envisioning what it'll look like on the outside. E. and I have thought long and hard about the way we'll transform our building, and today I'll walk you though the things we plan on doing to take our home from bland to bold.

Lets get to it!

Everyone and their mother saw the barndominium episode of Fixer Upper. You know, the one where Chip and Jo turned the quintessential boring barn, into a gorgeous farmhouse (which is now on VRBO for $700.00/night).

All of us became barndominium believers after watching that renovation.

My only issue with recreating that house on our property, was that it really didn't match our land. Planting a bright white building in the middle of the woods felt wrong to me. I had envisioned a house that blended in with the trees; white siding just wasn't gonna do it this time.


I'm not great at balance, I tend to dive into things full force; so with white out, everything dark was in. If you've never searched Pinterest for "dark farmhouse" then you're missing out on the most uniquely cozy-looking homes on the internet.

Here's some of our favorites:

Suddenly, dark was elegant and warm to me. I began coveting black siding, hoarding similar pictures on my secret Pinterest boards, and as a result, I stumbled upon this beaute'.

The house above had me weak in the knees.

For this reason, I started drawing.

Exterior elevations always intimidated me, I'm not great at drawing with any perspective, so I did the best I could with graph paper and an assortment of rulers (most of which were intended for quilting).

Here's the result:

Now I'm no architect, but I think that's a pretty dang clear picture of what I'm going for.

Starting from the left...

  • I added a cedar deck off the side of the house, its where the game room will open to a bank of trees. I picture a table and chairs up there, and possibly a clawfoot tub for soaking in the Carolina sun.

  • The front porch was stolen from the "weak in the knees" house. I imagine it timber-framed from cedar, with the focal point being a dramatic light hanging down from the center.

  • The garage bays span 50 feet along the home's face, consequently their aesthetic is crucial. A cedar overhang, matching the porch, will span the three bays.

  • On the far right, I added a yuge overhang, again framed with cedar. It's where we'll park our enclosed trailer. She's a beast at 8.5x20, but eventually she'll be my little woodshop, and she needs her own home.

For now, when you pull in the driveway, this is what you see; but one day soon, you'll see our dream...

...50x100, 20ft tall at the eaves, and 100% ours.


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