"Why don't you just buy a house?"

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

When two people who love to build and experiment get married, there is never enough workspace. After months of Zillow-ing, driving around our area, and talking to realtors, we realized that we were those people who had too much equipment for a traditional home. In case you dont believe me...

  • Ford Escape

  • 1992 Dodge RAM

  • 1969 Dodge Dart

  • 1999 Ford F-150

  • woodworking tools

  • woodworking bench

  • miter saw and stand

  • metal working tools

  • 2 shop vacs

  • 4'x8' rolling bench (yes, its huge)

  • squat rack and weights

  • deadlift platform

  • Snap-on box

  • electrical rolling tool box

  • leatherworking table

  • sewing machine and table

  • silhouette and accessories

...that only gets you into the project side of things, and it doesn't all fit into our 3 car garage. We still have a house full of our day-job related equipment, not to mention frivolous things like furniture or cookware. So, when we couldnt find an existing house with enough land for us to add a large shop, we knew we had to build from the ground up.