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"Why don't you just buy a house?"

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

When two people who love to build and experiment get married, there is never enough workspace. After months of Zillow-ing, driving around our area, and talking to realtors, we realized that we were those people who had too much equipment for a traditional home. In case you dont believe me...

  • Ford Escape

  • 1992 Dodge RAM

  • 1969 Dodge Dart

  • 1999 Ford F-150

  • woodworking tools

  • woodworking bench

  • miter saw and stand

  • metal working tools

  • 2 shop vacs

  • 4'x8' rolling bench (yes, its huge)

  • squat rack and weights

  • deadlift platform

  • Snap-on box

  • electrical rolling tool box

  • leatherworking table

  • sewing machine and table

  • silhouette and accessories

...that only gets you into the project side of things, and it doesn't all fit into our 3 car garage. We still have a house full of our day-job related equipment, not to mention frivolous things like furniture or cookware. So, when we couldnt find an existing house with enough land for us to add a large shop, we knew we had to build from the ground up.

Designing and building ourselves, rather than going with a "bird house" plan, is allowing us to make a space for all of our creative projects. One of my biggest complaints about our current house is that we end up having project stuff in our living space because there just isnt a place for it in the garage. I am designing this build with the goal of never having a toolbox in my living room again. I want my home to feel as comfortable for guests as possible, and eventually we want to share our space with our own rug-rats, I cant have power tools on and under the coffee table with those things running around.

So, here we are, building a 7,000 sqft house and shop.

Our goal with this website, our Instragram, and soon our youtube series, will be to help people understand what we had to do to make this happen. I sincerely hope that watching our process, asking questions, and seeing our wins and fails will encourage other people to take on similar projects.

Thanks for the read, hope to see you again soon.

E. & M. Woodworth

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