Why we started planning our build (a long story)

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

About 3 years ago, around Christmas , I was living in a tiny apartment in Beaumont, Texas. I was taking my prerequisites for nursing school, nannying, running the desk at a bridal store, and still wasn’t making it. I started watching YouTube videos of novice woodworkers building furniture that I would have loved to have. I decided it was time to try. Woodworking wasn’t totally foreign to me, but I certainly didn’t have the skills to sell anything I made…or so I thought.

For Christmas that year I got $250 all together from my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents (they knew I was scraping by), I took myself down to Lowes and bought a bag set of power tools; I got a circular saw, sawzall, and a drill. It was enough to get me started, but honestly, it made the work really hard to get right.

My first project was an old oak table that needed to be stripped and refinished. That project was a pain, because I didn’t have a sander, but in 1 week I flipped the table for a $75.00 profit. All $75 of those dollars went into buying a sander (my arms were grateful). The next project was another oak table, plus chairs, and it was actually my boss’s. She paid me $400.00 to strip and refinish the set, it took me two weeks of working every day after I got done nannying, but I remember vividly how comforting it was to have cash in my hand at the end of it.

After flipping small furniture pieces for a few months I got the nerve to try building something from scratch. All of the tutorials I found required more tools than I had, so I winged it, went in with a general plan and not much else. Sadly, I still wasn’t making much money, so by necessity I was skimping on wood. I made friends with a framing crew that was working on a house outside of my apartment complex, they would let me hop in their dumpster and pull pieces that I thought I could use. That free scrap wood was my ticket to experimenting and building my skills, without it, I wouldn’t have had the funds to play around and learn with what I had.

Eventually my playing around turned into a “farm